Elevate Your Product Photos with These 4 Simple Mockup Steps

Do you struggle to make your TPT products stand out among the crowd? There’s one surefire way to improve the appearance quality of your products—professional photos! However, we don’t always have time to take or wait on professional photos. Mockups are the perfect solution! A great product image can help boost sales, so it’s important not to overlook this step. In this email, we’ll explore how easy it is to create stunning product images with mockups in just a few simple steps. Let’s get started and learn together how to take our TPT products from flat screenshots to eye-catching visuals!

Step 1
Choose the product that you need to make images for and then decide which set of mockup images you think will pair best with your resource. I’m working with a main idea product that has only horizontal passages. I know that whatever set I choose needs to have a few different horizontal options for me.

Step 2
Next, take screenshots of the most important parts of your resource that you think are selling points. In this particular resource that I’m focusing on, I know that I want to spotlight that there are multiple options for the same passage, digital options and answer keys.

Step 3
Then, layer your screenshots onto the mockups. (I love using Canva for creating my images and graphics!) There are some people who like to add a shadow behind the screenshots to add depth. My personal preference is to leave them as they are, especially if you layer on top of a white sheet of paper. The depth of the white paper is already there so you just want your screenshot to blend into that white paper.

Step 4
Finally, you save your creations as png images. I personally prefer the quality of png files over jpg. These images can be used as thumbnails in your product listings, product previews, social media posts, email marketing, and blog posts.

Here are three of my favorite mockup sets-

If you use my mockups, please send me what you create or tag me on Instagram! I would love to see your images!

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